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Directions to fields can be found here.
Schedules often change due to conflicts and weather. If you have a question about your schedule, please contact your coach. 

Junior/Senior League
Baseball Majors
Baseball Minors
Baseball Farm
Softball Majors
Softball Minors
Softball Farm

Baseball Junior/Senior League

May 19WZON vs Bronco 1Mansfield1:00
 Elks vs. Bronco 2Mansfield3:30
 GG vs. Bronco 2Bronco1:00
May 30WZON vs. OVMansfield5:00
June 2ELKS vs. Old TownOld Town1:00
 VAR vs. OTOld Town3:30
June 7VAR vs. HolbrookMansfield5:00
June 8GG vs. Old TownOld Town1:00
 WZON vs. Old TownOld Town3:30
 Elks vs. BroncoMansfield5:00
 VAR vs. BroncoMansfield7:30
June 9VAR vs. Old TownMansfield1:00
 Elks vs. OTMansfield3:30
June 10Elks vs. BroncoMansfield5:00
 GG vs.OVMansfield7:30
June 13WZON vs. GGMansfield5:30
June 15WZON vs. Hermon 1Mansfield7:00

Elks vs. S. Portland S. Portland11:00
June 16GG vs. Bronco 1Mansfield1:00
 WZON vs. Bronco 2Mansfield3:30
 VAR vs. BroncoMansfield6:00
June 17GG vs. Hermon 1Mansfield5:00
 VAR vs. BroncoBronco6:00
 WZON vs. Hermon 2Mansfield7:30
June 19WZON vs. Old TownMansfield5:00
 GG vs. Old TownMansfield 7:30
June 20GG vs. GlenburnMansfield5:00
 WZON vs. GlenburnMansfield7:30
June 21GG vs. GlenburnGlenburn6:00
June 22Elks vs. HolbrookHolbrook6:00
 VAR vs. S. Portland -2S. Portland11:00
June 23GG vs. BrewerMansfield1:00
 WZON vs. BrewerMansfield3:30

Elks vs. Bronco 2Bronco12:00
 VAR vs. BroncoBronco2:30
June 25WZON vs. GlenburnGlenburn5:30
 GG vs.BrewerBrewer5:30
 Elks vs. HolbrookHolbrook5:30
June 26GG vs. Hermon 2Hermon6:00
June 27WZON vs. Hermon 1Hermon5:30
June 29Elks vs. S. Portland Mansfield11:00
 VAR vs. S. PortlandMansfield1:30
June 30Elks vs. S. PortlandMansfield9:30
 VAR vs. S. PortlandMansfield12:00
July 5District Tournaments (JR)Mansfield2:00, 5:00, 7:30
July 6District Tournaments (JR)Mansfield2:00, 5:00, 7:30
July 7District Tournaments (JR/SR)Mansfield10:00, 12:30, 4:30, 7:00
July 8District Tournaments (SR)Mansfield5:00, 7:30
July 10District Tournaments (SR)Mansfield5:00, 7:30
July 11District Tournaments (JR/SR)Mansfield5:00, 7:30
July 12Senior ChampionshipMansfield5:00 & IF
July 14Junior ChampionshipMansfield4:00 & IF

Baseball Major League

Individual schedules for printing are below. Keep in mind that schedules can change.


Teams listed second are the Home Team

May 4 CS vs. ElksBangor West12:00
 Lions vs. FMBangor West2:00
May 6FM vs. ElksBangor West5:30
May 7CS vs. LionsBangor West5:30
May 10Elks vs. FMBangor West5:30
May 11Elks vs.Yankee ElectricTaylor Field9:00
 Varney vs. LionsBangor West12:15
 CS vs. HarleyTaylor Field11:15
 Rotary vs. FMBangor West10:00
May 13CS vs. FMBangor West5:30
May 14Lions vs. ElksBangor West5:30
May 17Elks vs. CSBangor West5:30
May 18Harley vs. ElksBangor West10:00
 Lions vs. RotaryTaylor Field9:00
 FM vs. VarneyTaylor Field11:15
 Yankee Electric vs.CSBangor East12:15
May 20FM vs. CSBangor West5:30
May 21Elks vs. LionsBangor West5:30
May 22CS vs. LionsBangor West5:30
May 28CS vs. FMBangor West5:30
May 29FM vs. ElksBangor West5:30
May 30CS vs. LionsBangor West5:30
May 31Elks vs. LionsBangor West5:30
June 1Glenburn vs. ElksBangor West 10:00
 Brewer vs. CSBangor West12:00
 FM vs. BrewerBrewer1:00
 Lions vs. GlenburnGlenburn1:00
June 3Lions vs. FMBangor West5:30
June 5CS vs. ElksBangor West5:30
June 7FM vs. LionsBangor West5:30
June 8Orono vs. FMBangor West 10:00
 Holbrook vs. LionsBangor West12:00
 Elks vs. OronoOrono1:00
 CS vs. HolbrookHolbrook1:00
June 10TournamentBangor West5:30
June 12TournamentBangor West5:30
June 13TournamentBangor West5:30
June 14TournamentBangor West5:30
June 15TournamentBangor West11:00
June 17ChampionshipBangor West5:30

Baseball Minor League

May 4Opening Day 
May 8Blaze vs. EliteBangor West6:00
May 11Orrington vs. BWWBangor West9:00
 Blaze vs. GlenburnBangor West11:00
 Elite vs. OrringtonOrrington1:00
May 15BWW vs. BlazeBangor West6:00
May 18Orrington vs. BlazeBangor West9:00
 BWW vs. EliteBangor West11:00
May 22Elite vs. BWWBangor West6:00
May 29Elite vs. Blaze Bangor West6:00
June 1BWW vs. EliteBangor West9:00
 Modern Pest vs. BlazeBangor West11:00
June 5Blaze vs. BWWBangor West6:00
 Elite vs. ElksTaylor Field6:00
June 8Elite vs. BlazeBangor West9:00
 BWW vs. QuirkTaylor Field11:00
June 10Blaze vs. Infinity FCUTaylor Field6:00
June 12BWW vs. EliteBangor West6:00
June 15BWW vs. BlazeBangor West9:00
 WA Bean vs. EliteBangor West11:00
June 19BWW vs.BlazeBangor West6:00
June 22Elite vs. BWWBangor West9:00

Baseball Farm League

May 4Opening Day  
May 11USL vs MachiasBangor West8:30 am
 Coles vs. LBBangor West10:00 am
May 18Coles vs. USLBangor West8:30 am
 LB vs. MachiasBangor West10:00 am
May 25Memorial Day Weekend  
June 1LB vs. USLBangor West8:30 am
 Machias vs. ColesBangor West10:00 am
June 8Machias vs. LBBangor West8:30 am
 USL vs. ColesBangor West10:00 am
June 11Coles vs LBBangor West (Minor Field)6:00 pm
June 15LB vs. ColesBangor West8:30 am
 Machias VS. USLBangor West10:00 am
June 18USL vs. MachiasBangor West (Minor Field)6:00 pm
June 22Coles vs. MachiasBangor West8:30 am
 USL vs. LBBangor West10:00 am

Softball Major League

April 27vs. GlenburnGlenburn2:00
May 4vs. GlenburnBangor West3:00
May 10vs. BroncoBangor West5:30
May 11vs. HolbrookBangor West9:00
May 15vs. OrringtonBangor West5:30
May 22vs. BrewerBangor West5:30
May 24vs. HermonHermon5:30
May 29vs. HermonHermon5:30
June 1vs. HolbrookHolbrook9:00
June 5vs. HermonBangor West5:30
June 7vs. BroncoBronco5:30
June 8vs. BrewerBrewer9:00
June 10vs. OrringtonOrrington5:30
June 12vs. GlenbrunGlenburn5:30
June 14vs. HermonBangor West5:30

Softball Minor League

May 4Glenburn vs BWWBangor West1:00
May 6                 vs. Willie Wags  Bangor West5:30
May 9Bronco vs. BWWBangor West5:30
May 10Willie Wags vs. BroncoBronco5:30
May 11Willie Wags vs. BWWBangor West9:00
May 15BWW vs. LevantLevant5:30
May 18Willie Wags vs. HolbrookHolbrook9:00
May 20BWW vs. Willie WagsBangor West5:30
May 25Hermon vs. BWWBangor West5:30
May 30BWW vs. BrewerBrewer5:30
May 31Willie Wags vs. HermonHermon5:30
June 1Willie Wags vs. BWWBangor West9:00
June 5BWW vs. BroncoBronco5:30
June 7Bronco vs. Willie WagsBangor West5:30
June 8             vs. BWWBangor West9:00
June 11Willie Wags vs. LevantLevant5:30
June 15BWW vs. Willie WagsBangor West9:00

Softball Farm League

CFA = Chick-Fil-A
DSG = Dick's Sporting Goods
Machias = Machias Savings Bank

DateTeams FieldTime
April 27Machias vs. GlenburnGlenburn12:00
May 4Glenburn vs. DSGBangor West10:30
 CFA vs. MachiasBangor West11:45
May 7CFA vs. MachiasBangor West5:30
May 9DSG vs. CFABangor West5:30
May 11Machias vs. HolbrookHolbrook9:00
 DSG vs. OrringtonOrrington9:00
May 18DSG vs. MachiasBangor West9:00
 CFA vs. HolbrookHolbrook9:00
May 21Machias vs. OrringtonOrrington5:30
 CFA vs. HampdenHampden5:30
May 23DSG vs. CFABangor West5:30
May 28Machias vs. CFABangor West5:30
May 30DSG vs. CFABangor West5:30
June 1Holbrook vs. MachiasBangor West9:00
 DSG vs. HampdenHampden9:00
June 8Machias vs. BrewerBrewer9:00

Holbrook vs. DSGBangor West9:00
June 13CFA vs. DSGBangor West5:30
June 15Machias vs. DSGBangor West9:00
 Brewer vs. CFABangor West10:30

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