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2022 Schedules

Directions to fields can be found here.

Schedule Updates and Changes
Schedules often change due to conflicts and weather. If you have a question about your schedule, please contact your coach. 

Many coaches use the app BAND to update game times, fields and dates. Please check there or our FB page for updates and changes to schedules.

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Baseball Junior League

Date Time Teams Location
May-15 1:00pm Elks vs OV Mansfield
May-15 3:30pm FM vs Bronco Mansfield
May-22 1:00pm FM vs OT Mansfield
May-22 3:30pm Elks vs Brewer Mansfield
June-1 6:00pm FM @ Brewer Heddericg (Brewer HS)
June-5 1:00pm Elks vs Glenburn Mansfield
June-5 3:30pm FM vs Hermon Mansfield
June-7 5:30pm FM @ Glenburn Glenburn School (991 Hudson Rd)
June-12 1:00pm Elks vs Bronco Mansfield
June-12 3:30pm FM vs OV Mansfield
June-13 5:30pm FM @ Bronco HA (Track Side)
June-14 6:00pm Elks @ Brewer Heddeericg (Brewer HS)
June-15 5:30pm FM @ Hermon Hermon School (235 Billings Rd)
June-16 5:30pm Elks @ Glenburn Glenburn School (991 Hudson Rd)
June-18 11:00am FM @ OT
June-18 1:30pm Elks @ OT
June-19 1:00pm Elks vs Brewer Mansfield
June-19 3:30pm FM vs OT Mansfield
June-20 5:30pm Elks @ OV Orono HS
June-21 5:30pm Elks @ Hermon Hermon School (235 Billings Rd)
June-22 5:30pm FM @ OV Orono HS
June-26 1:00pm FM vs Glenburn Mansfield
June-26 3:30pm Elks Hermon Mansfield
June-28 5:30pm Elks @ Bronco HA (Trackside)

2022 Baseball Major League

May 4 Lions @ Brewer ABrewer5:30
 C Store @ Holbrook AHolbrook5:30
May 6Lions @ OrringtonOrrington5:30
May 10Brewer B @ C StoreBangor West5:30
May 11Lions @ HolbrookHolbrook5:30
May 13Orrington @ C StoreBangor West5:30
May 14Brewer A @ LionsBangor West12:00
May 16C Store @ HolbrookHolbrook5:30
May 18Lions @ HolbrookHolbrook5:30
 Orrington @ C StoreBangor West5:30
May 20Brewer B @ LionsBangor West6:00
May 24Brewer A @ C StoreBangor West6:00
May 25Lions @ Brewer BBrewer6:00
May 27Holbrook @ LionsBangor West6:00
 C Store @ Brewer ABrewer 6:00
May 31C Store @ BrewerBrewer6:00
June 2Holbrook @ C StroreBangor West6:00
June 3Orrington @ LionsBangor West6:00
June 7Holbrook @ LionsBangor West6:00
June 9Holbrook @ C StoreBangor West6:00
June 11C Store @ LionsBangor West12:00

2022 Baseball Minor League

May 4Elks @ OVOrono5:30
 OV @ SK ToursBangor West5:30
May 7OT @ ElksBangor West10:00
 SK Tours @ OTOld Town10:00
May 11OT @ SK ToursBangor West5:30
 Elks @ OTOld Town5:30
 May 13SK @ OVOrono5:30
 OV @ ElksBangor West5:30
May 18Glenburn @ SK ToursBangor West5:30
 Elks @ GlenburnGlenburn5:30
May 21SK @ OVOrono10:00
 OV @ ElksBangor West10:00
May 25SK Tours @ ElksBangor West5:30
June 1Elks @ OTOld Town5:30
 OT @ SK ToursBangor West5:30
June 4Elks @ OVOrono10:00
 OV @ SK ToursBangor West10:00
June 8Glenburn @ ElksBangor West5:30
 SK Tours @ GlenburnGlenburn5:30
June 11SK Tours @ ElksBangor West10:00

2022 Baseball Farm League

AAS = Affiliated Appraisal Services
LB = Leadbetters
USL = Union Street Laundry
Elite = Elite Auto

April 30Opening Day  
May 7LB @ EliteBangor West9:00
 AAS @ USLBangor West10:30
May 14USL @ LBBangor West9:00
 Elite @ AASBangor West10:30
May 21LB @ AASBangor West9:00
 USL @ EliteBangor West10:30
May 26USL @ AASBangor West5:00
 Elite @ LBBangor West6:15
June 4AAS @ EliteBangor West9:00
 LB @ USLBangor West10:30
June 11Elite @ USLBangor West9:00
 AAS @ LBBangor West10:30

2022 Softball Major League

April 30v. HolbrookBangor West1:30
May 7v. HolbrookHolbrook12:00
May 11v. HermonHermon5:30
May 13v. HermonBangor West6:00
May 14v. BrewerBrewer1:00
May 18v. OrringtonOrrington6:00
May 20v. HampdenHampden6:00
May 21v. HolbrookBangor West1:30
June 1v. HermonBangor West5:30
June 4v. HermonHermon2:00
June 8v. OrringtonBangor West5:30
June 15v. BrewerBangor West5:30

2022 Softball Minor League

USA = Union Street Auto
CFA = Chick Fil A

April 30CFA v. USABangor West11:00
May 3USA v. OrringtonOrrington6:00
 CFA v. GlenburnBangor West5:30
May 4CFA v. OronoOrono5:30
May 5USA v. GlenbrunGlenburn5:30
May 6CFA v. HampdenHampden6:00
May 7USA v. HolbrookHolbrook 
May 9USA v. OronoBangor West5:30
May 10CFA v. OrringtonOrrington6:00
May 13CFA v. HampdenHampden6:00
May 14USA v. HampdenBangor West10:30
May 17USA v. GlenburnBangor West5:30
May 19CFA v. GlenburnGlenburn5:30
 USA v. Hampden Bangor West5:30
May 21CFA v. HolbrookBangor West10:30
May 23CFA v. OrringtonBangor West5:30
May 25CFA v. HampdenBangor West5:30
May 31USA v. OronoOrono5:30
June 2CFA v. OronoBangor West5:30
June 4USA v. HampdenHampden3:00
June 6USA v. OrringtonBangor West5:30
June 9CFA v. HampdenBangor West5:30
June 11CFA v. USA Bangor West10:30

2022 Softball Farm League

DateTeams FieldTime
April 30Nessies @ SandollarBangor West10:30
May 7Nessies @ HolbrookHolbrook Middle2:30
May 12Sandollar @ GlenburnGlenburn5:30
May 14Sandollar @ HampdenHampden9:00
 Hampden @ NessiesBangor West9:00
May 16Glenburn @ SandollarBangor West5:30
May 18Nessies @ GlenburnGlenburn 
May 21Holbrook @ SandollarBangor West 
May 25Glenburn @ NessiesBangor West 
June 4Hampden @ SandollarBangor West 
 Nessie @ HampdenHampden 
June 11Sandollar @ NessiesBangor West 

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